In an ever-changing storytelling landscape, production needs constantly evolve with the audience’s tastes. Filmatics was born out of the need to drive production services for our clients cost-effectively, paying attention to detail through every process step. Our productions scale depending on the needs of our clients, and we can service most projects all under one roof. In simpler terms, we make production easy. Whether in Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans, New Mexico, Georgia, or beyond, we have the resources to bring your creative vision to life. Welcome to Filmatics: The Club Med of Production. 
Over the course of 2022, I was contracted as a Senior Producer / Creative Consultant to oversee Filmatics' content fund, which was responsible for over eight pieces of short-form content and over a million dollars in seed funding for underserved communities in entertainment. 
YUREI - DIR. Lindsay Sunada
RUN AMOK - DIR. Nitzan Mager
Sudden Light - DIR. Elia Petridis 
Hatred has a Mother - DIR. Elia Petridis
Pruning - DIR. Lola Blanc
Sudden Moves - DIR. Lola Blanc
Select Projects
Directed by Lindsay Sunada. Yurei tells the story of her great grandfather who committed suicide by the ritualistic act of Seppuku using a cursed Japanese samurai sword, passed down through generations of her family. This experimental dance film takes audiences through the emotions her grandfather experienced in his journey through the afterlife. 

Sudden Light
Directed by Elia Petridis. Sudden Light marks the sixth collaborative effort between musician Jessca Hoop and director Elia Petridis. In this music video, Jessca finds herself in a dreamy desert landscape akin to the hoodoo rock formations found only in the southwest. She takes a younger version of herself through a calamity of reality, constructing the stage of which she performs to her audience: herself.

Directed by Lola Blanc. When a conservative news reporter makes a Faustian bargain, she loses more than just her soul, she loses her connections to the sweetness of reality. 
Run Amok
Directed by Nitzan Mager. Run Amok tells the story of Meg, a professional teacher’s pet and amateur harpist who decides to stage a musical reenactment of the school shooting at her high school almost 10 years earlier. 
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