A selection of UGC videos I have co-produced, edited, and written for Ring over the course of 2021. These text stories represent an elevated way we look at User Generated Content and how these text assets provide additional insight into these user's experiences with the product. ​​​​​​​
“Ring Alarm Helped Save Our Lives”
When André and Mariale’s CO detector set off their Ring Alarm, Ring requested help fast thanks to their Ring Protect subscription.
The above video about André and Mariale’s CO detector was featured on Ellen using footage from the above-produced materials.
Ellen welcomes Andre and Maria who talked about the frightening experience in their home when they got a call from the Ring company warning them about carbon monoxide in the house. They explained how the warning saved their family members’ lives, including their young son, Alexander. 
Amazon Driver Makes a Life-Saving Delivery
Ring Video Doorbell helps family make sure their missing grandmother is safely back home.
“Ring Video Doorbell helped save my life”
When Joey’s wife saw him collapse in front of the Ring Video Doorbell, she called for help right away.
Sarah Was Asleep With Her Phone Off When a Fire Neared Her Home. 
Aaron was at work when he got a call from his neighbors warning him of a large brush fire moving toward his home. His wife, Sarah, was home sleeping with her phone on silent. Aaron needed to get ahold of her immediately, so he used Two-Way Talk on the Ring Stick Up Cam in the living room. “I activated the microphone and was able to wake her up from a dead sleep,” he says. “The fire made it to within 150 [feet] from the house, but with the bravery and proficiency of the Fire Department, the assistance of 911, Ring home security, and my neighbors alerting me to the danger, we made it through the day.” 
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