ATTN, the digital media company focused on social change content, partnered with TikTok to breathe life into their new initiative called "TikTokforGood".  The mission is to inspire and encourage a new generation to positively impact our community and our planet.
Over 9 months, starting in April 2022, I helped kickstart and manage the LIVESTREAM process for the channel. In that time, we have created over 10 live streams with over 1 million collective views, presented and developed countless pitches for the TikTok team, and worked with A-list talent across the platform. 
Additionally, I handled a hybrid ACD / Post Producer Story role for the channel, reviewing every video before it was posted. 
Lastly, in December of 2022, I produced, wrote, and hosted a video in the daily content feed that was the single most watched video on the channel that was not hosted by an external creator. As of January 2023, the video has over 26.6 million views. 
sample projects
Want to know how 3D-printed vegan meat stacks up? 
Companies like @novameat are using 3D printers to produce sustainable and eco-friendly meat.
Join @ollieeats and @missohlaura, alongside the @novameat team, as they learn and discover what makes this process tasty and eco-friendly. We'll be able to see how 3D printing can mimic meat fibers, how they create the tasty meat filament, what makes the process so eco-friendly, how to cook Steak, Chicken, and Pork 2.0 (from the future), and most importantly, we'll get to see how good it looks in the end. You'll wish you were there to taste every bite!
We’re celebrating Pride this year with Rebecca Black, as she gives us a behind-the-scenes look at her next era.
Following a fun and engaging #GetReadyWithMe format, Rebecca will give us an inside look at up to five different Pride inspired looks. From her dynamic hair and makeup, to her hyperpop-influenced outfits and her fashionable accessories, we'll get to spend one-on- one time with this pop princess in her most glamorous, fantastic, and off the charts looks.
We’ll keep audiences engaged by having Rebecca responding LIVE to questions & comments, and give her the floor to discuss how she’s redefined herself as an artist, where she stands in her queer identity, and her process of reintroducing her fans to a different side of her artistry.
During this Get Ready With Me, we’ll follow @gabeadams, understanding his process, and showcasing his amazing makeup artistry as he gets ready for a significant event during Disability Pride Month.
This LIVE will highlight how Gabe gets prepared for one of his favorite events of the year using the ethos of inclusive beauty. 
All the while, our audience will be able to ask questions to Gabe and learn about how they’ve been able to change the status quo of beauty. 
Presented by Ulta Beauty
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